Open Porto 2009

17 e 18 de Novembro


 Pl  Name  Rank  Co  Club  NbW R 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 R 5 NBW SOS SOSOS
1 Pereira Francisco 1K PT CR 4 4+b0 7+w0 2+w0 5+b0 3-w0 4 16 64
2 Kacprzyk Michal 3K PL Beb 4 9+w0 3+b0 1-b0 8+w0 4+w0 4 13 65
3 Neto Cristovao 1D PT Por 4 6+b0 2-w0 9+w0 7+b0 1+b0 4 13 64
4 Teles-Menezes Jose 4K PT Lis 3 1-w0 8+b0 5+w0 6+w0 2-b0 3 14 64
5 Carmona Pedro 2K PT Lis 3 7+w0 10+b0 4-b0 1-w0 6+w0 3 12 60
6 Malhado Rui 4K PT Lis 2 3-w0 9+b0 10+w0 4-b0 5-b0 2 12 56
7 Reis Nelson 7K PT Por 2 5-b0 1-b0 8+w0 3-w0 0+ 2 12 52
8 Pimenta Vasco 3K PT Lis 1 10-b0 4-w0 7-b0 2-b0 9+w0 1 11 56
9 Milheiro Nuno 15K PT Esp 1 2-b0 6-w0 3-b0 0+ 8-b0 1 11 49
10 Tomé Daniel 2D PT Prt 1 8+w0 5-w0 6-b0 0- 0- 1 6

Open Lisboa 2009

4 e 5 de Julho

 Pl  Name  Rank  Co R 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 R 5 NBW SOS SOSOS
1 Cristovão Neto 1D PT 9+w0 6+w0 15+b0 2+w0 3+b0 5 14 67
2 Antonio Egea 3D ES 16+w0 4+b0 8+w0 1-b0 7+w0 4 16 58
3 Miguel Castellano 1K ES 12+w0 9+b0 5+w0 8+b0 1-w0 4 15 66
4 Pedro Carmona 2K PT 10+b0 2-w0 17+b0 6+w0 5+b0 4 13 63
5 Pedro Pereira 1D PT 11+b0 7+w0 3-b0 12+b0 4-w0 3 15 60
6 Richard Mullens 7K UK 15+w0 1-b0 14+b0 4-b0 9+w0 3 13 58
7 Daniel Tomé 3D PT 14+w0 5-b0 11+w0 10+b0 2-b0 3 12 61
8 Francisco Pereira 1D PT 13+w0 17+w0 2-b0 3-w0 10+b0 3 12 60
9 Vasco Luz 5K PT 1-b0 3-w0 13+w0 11+b0 6-b0 2 15 62
10 Diogo Morgado 2K PT 4-w0 13+b0 16+w0 7-w0 8-w0 2 12 54
11 Vasco Pimenta 3K PT 5-w0 12+b0 7-b0 9-w0 18+b0 2 10 58
12 Nelson Reis 6K PT 3-b0 11-w0 18+b0 5-w0 13+b0 2 10 56
13 Rui Malhado 5K PT 8-b0 10-w0 9-b0 14+w0 12-w0 1 10 57
14 Nuno Araújo 30K PT 7-b0 16-b0 6-w0 13-b0 0+ 1 8 42
15 Raul Malhado 8K PT 6-b0 18+w0 1-w0 0- 0- 1 8 33
16 Filipe Leite 12K PT 2-b0 14+w0 10-b0 0- 0- 1 7 36
17 Maria Diez 16K ES 18+w0 8-b0 4-w0 0- 0- 1 7 31
18 Rui Monteiro 30K PT 17-b0 15-b0 12-w0 0- 11-w0 0 6 35

2º Torneio de Rápidas no KGS

 Pl  Name  Rank  NbW R 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 NBW SOS SOSOS
1 Xikkuh 1K 4 10+w0 2+b0 3+b0 4+b0 4 10 34
2 Thesensei 1D 3 7+w0 1-w0 8+b0 6+b0 3 10 31
3 Pitdgaijas 1D 3 9+b0 6+w0 1-w0 5+b0 3 9 37
4 Quetzalt 1K 3 12+w0 5+b0 9+b0 1-w0 3 7 36
5 Pimenta 5K 2 8+b0 4-w0 7+b0 3-w0 2 10 29
6 Tdevil 1K 2 11+w0 3-b0 10+b0 2-w0 2 8 32
7 Phelan 5K 2 2-b0 10+w0 5-w0 11+b0 2 7 33
8 Nausea 1K 2 5-w0 12+b0 2-w0 9+b0 2 6 36
9 Gantzer 3K 1 3-w0 11+b0 4-w0 8-w0 1 9 27
10 Spaww 17K 1 1-b0 7-b0 6-w0 12+w0 1 8 32
11 Bdx 14K 1 6-b0 9-w0 12+b0 7-w0 1 5 31
12 Marlon 13K 0 4-b0 8-w0 11-w0 10-b0 0 7 26


1ª Ronda 2ª Ronda
gantzer vs pitdgaijas (0-1) pitdgaijas vs TDevi(1-0)
TheSensei vs Phelan (1-0) TheSensei vs Xikkuh (0-1)
Nausea vs Pimenta (0-1) Pimenta vs quetzalt (0-1)
TDevil vs bdx (1-0) bdx vs gantzer (0-1)
Xikkuh vs spaww (1-0) phelan vs spaww (1-0)
3ª Ronda 4ª Ronda
pitdgaijas vs xikkuh (0-1) pimenta vs pitdgaijas (0-1)
nausea vs thesensei (0-1) tdevil vs thesensei (0-1)
gantzer vs quetzalt (0-1) quetzalt vs xikkuh (0-1)
spaww vs tdevil (0-1) gantzer vs nausea (0-1)
phelan vs pimenta (0-1) bdx vs phelan (0-1)
marlon vs bdx (0-1) marlon vs spaww (0-1)

Open Porto 2008

PL Name Rank Co NbW R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 PL PL PL
1 Neto Cristovao 1K PT Por 5 8+b0 5+w0 7+b0 4+w0 3+b0 14 70
2 Pereira Francisco 1D PT CR 4 7+w0 6+b0 4-w0 5+b0 8+w0 14 66
3 Pereira Pedro 1D PT CR 3 9+b0 4-w0 8+b0 6+w0 1-w0 15 64
4 Carmona Pedro 2k PT Lis 3 0 3+b0 2+b0 1-b0 5-w0 15 57
5 Teles-menezes Jose 5k PT Lis 3 10+w0 1-b0 11+b0 2-w0 4+b0 14 65
6 Pimenta Vasco 3k PT Lis 3 11+b0 2-w0 9+w0 3-b0 10+w0 11 60
7 Malhado Raúl 8k PT Lis 3 2-b0 11+w0 1-w0 10+b0 0 11 50
8 Reis Nelson 7k PT Por 3 1-w0 10+b0 3-w0 9+b0 2-b0 15 63
9 Luz Vasco 7k PT Stb 3 3-w0 0 6-b0 8-w0 11+b0 9 52
10 Milheiro Nuno PT Esp 1 1 5-b0 8-w0 0 7-w0 6-b0 11 51
11 Custódio João 12k PT Lis 1 6-w0 7-b0 5-w0 0 9-w0 11 45

Torneio de Apuramento WMSG

6 de Julho – Torneio para a representação portuguesa no WMSG – Pequim 08/2008

Pos Nome Rank Pts SOS SOSOS Rondas 1 2 3
1 Cristóvão Neto 1d 3 4 16 5+/w 4+/b 2+/b
2 Francisco Pereira 1d 2 6 12 4+/w 3+/b 1-/w
3 Pedro Pereira 2k 2 3 15 6+/b 2-/w 5+/b
4 Vasco Pimenta 5k 1 5 14 2-/b 1-/w 6+/w
5 Pedro Carmona 7k 1 5 11 1-/b 6+/w 3-/w
6 Rui Malhado 7k 3 4 13 3-/w 5-/b 4-/b

Entrevista no Mundial dos Jogos da Mente

Entrevista aos representantes Portugueses no Mundial dos Jogos da Mente na China

Team Portugal

Already leaving the playing area

After the 4th round of the competition, the individual events will enter the cruel knockout. Professional players will have to be more serious and concentrated.

And the losers will have to leave this exciting stage.
As one of the weak team, Portugal didn’t achieve so big success in the men’s individual tournament. However, the team members still remain happy and hopeful.


Ranka: First, would you introduce go activities in Portugal? How did the team prepare for this WMGC?
Cristovão Neto (president of Portugal Go Association):
To build a full team for this event was very exciting but difficult. We have a very small go community of 100-150 players among which there are only around 30 active players. We have no sponsors. The free airplane tickets offered for this event were used as the rewards of a qualification tournament and finally the other players managed to buy their own tickets to join this WMGC.
Vasco Pimenta: Go was introduced to Portugal in 1992. Some people happened to find some Go booklets sent by Japanese organization in a chess club. They were interested in this “new” game, and started to try to play with only very basic knowledge of Go learned from these booklets. Some Japanese living in Portugal helped us to improve, but they are no more so active now.
Pedro Carmona: Portugal is a destination for summer holidays, so indeed our clubs are very active in summer when foreign go players take their holidays in Portugal.
Cristovão Neto: And our players have participated in tournaments throughout Europe.


As the Portugal team told us, there is now maybe only one active go player from the “old generation”. For most of the team members, this is their first or second time to play in the international Go tournament. However, their team leader Cristovão Neto has been twice in the World Amateur Championship held in Japan.

Cristovão Neto: We would like to organize some short-term European summer camps but we are still a very small Go association in Europe. Also we are really interested in having some contact with professional players even it seems to be difficult for us.

Ranka: So now let’s speak more about your impression on this WMGC.
Rui Carmona: It’s really impressive to see so many professional players!
Vasco Pimenta: We really expected to see professionals very formal and serious. But they just look like ordinary people!
Diogo Figueirinhas: They are Go gods but they are humans.
Rui Carmona: Also it’s very nice to chat with people from different countries with different perspectives and to share with everyone this exceptional experience.
Ranka: Did you play a lot of friendly games?
Portugal team: Not really. We went sightseeing.
Ranka: Are you satisfied with the organization work for this event?
Portugal Team: It’s great. We have no complaint. The organization committee did a nice job. The only problem is that the team doesn’t stay in the same building. Another thing, I think the shuttle bus is maybe not very necessary. The convention center is just no more than 5mins walk from the apartments.

Ranka: Are you happy with what you achieved in this event?
Pedro Carmona: My object was to win one or two games. I have got it. I’m happy.

Ranka: Did you get somebody review your games?
Rui Carmona: The players are very friendly and helpful. They helped us to review after finishing the games.

Ranka: Do you have some suggestions to make this event even greater for the next time?
Portugal Team: Well, we wanted to watch the games. 20 minutes is too short. After we finished our own games, it was too late to get access to the other playing rooms. Many games were not recorded either. But we want to learn from all these games.
Cristovão Neto: I’ve participated in World Amateur Championship. I think it is better organized to solve this problem. There is walking paths around the playing areas and each game is recorded by camera so you can watch them from the TV screens.

Ranka: What do you think about the counting system?
Rui Carmona: The counting system was a little complicated to understand at the first. But it looks quite accurate.

Ranka: For some internet players, Go is just a game and a fight about calculating abilities. In China Go is officially recognized as a sport and for some other players go is an art…What’s your own opinion?
Diogo Figueirinhas: I think it’s a mix of all these.
Vasco Pimenta: I agree. As a game it gives me pleasure and challenge. On the other side, Go looks simple on the surface, but when you really play it, it starts to be so complex..
Rui Carmona: Go is like a common language for people from different backgrounds. They can just communicate on the same board.

Ranka: Thanks for all and hope the best for your next games!


Open Lisboa 2008

Pos Nome Rank Pts SOS SOSOS Rondas 1 2 3 4 5
1 Vasco Pimenta 5k 4 16 69 5+/b 7+/b 12+/w 2+/w 3-/w
2 Cristóvão Neto 1d 4 15 74= 6+/w 8+/b 3+/w 1-/b 7+/w
3 José Menezes 5k 4 15 66= 4+/w 9+/w 2-/b 13+/w 1+/b
4 Francisco Pereira 1d 4 14 73 3-/b 6+/w 8+/w 7+/b 5+/b
5 Diogo Morgado 6k 3 14= 59= 1-/w 10+/w 9+/b 11+/b 4-/w
6 Pedro Pereira 2k 3 13= 61 2-/b 4-/b 14+/w 10+w 8+/w
7 Rui Malhado 8k 2 16 61 10+/b 1-/w 15+/w 4-/w 2-/b
8 Christian Chauvin 4k 2 14 67 0+ 2-/w 4-/b 5-/w 6-/b
9 Miguel Menezes 5k 2 11 65 13+/w 3-/w 5-/w 8-/b 0+
10 Paulo Cruz 8k 2 10 64 7-/w 5-/b 0+ 6-/b 13+/b
11 Vasco Luz 12k 2= 8= 41 14+/b 12-/b 13+/b 5-/w 0=
12 Manuel Cabral 12k 3 8= 31 15+/b 11+/w 1-/b 0= 0=
13 Rui Monteiro 30k 1 10= 55 9-/b 0+ 11-/w 3-/b 10-/w
14 Ivan Almeida 20k 1= 8 36= 11-/w 15-/b 6-/b 0+ 0=
15 Inês Menezes 8k 2 6= 32= 12-/w 14+/w 7-/b 0= 0=

Torneio Iberoamericano de Go pela Internet (TIG) 2008

Este torneio contou com uma forte participação portuguesa, constituída por 9 jogadores. Os melhores resultados obtidos foram o 15º e o 25º lugares, obtidos pelo Pedro Pereira e pelo Francisco Pereira, respectivamente. Este ano a Colômbia colocou 4 jogadores no top ten, tendo conseguido o 1º lugar por Vicente Hu e o 3º lugar por Fernando Manrique. O argentino Fernando Aguilar ficou na 2ª posição.

TIG 2009

O Torneio Iberoamericano de Go pela Internet 2009, contou com a participação de 5 jogadores, contudo as classificações foram modestas, tendo o melhor português sido o Francisco Pereira com o 65º lugar. A argentina copiou a prestação da Colômbia no TIG2008, tendo obtido igualmente 4 jogadores no top ten e 2 jogadores no pódio. Eduardo López Herrero foi o grande vencedor, com Fernando Aguilar a repetir o 2º lugar do ano anterior, seguido de Óscar Fajardo da Colômbia.

1º Torneio de Rápidas no KGS


Participantes Pts
Francisco Pereira (Xikkuh 1kyu) 4 12
Pedro Pereira (Pitdgaijas 2kyu) 4 8
José Raposo (TDevil 1dan) 3 12
Cristovão Neto (bison 1kyu) 3 7
Vasco Pimenta (Pimenta 6kyu) 2 9
Vasco Luz (vasko 15kyu) 1 11
Daniel Tomé (DanielTom 8kyu) 1 8


1ª Ronda 2ª Ronda
José Raposo vs Francisco Pereira (1-0) Cristovão Neto vs José Raposo (1-0)
vasko vs Vasco Pimenta (0-1) Vasco Pimenta vs Francisco Pereira (0-1)
(Cristovão teve falta de comparência) vasko vs Pedro Pereira (0-1)
3ª Ronda 4ª Ronda
José Raposo vs Pedro Pereira (0-1) DanielTom vs Jose Raposo (0-1)
Cristovão Neto vs Francisco Pereira (0-1) Francisco Pereira vs Pedro Pereira (1-0)
Vasco Pimenta vs DanielTom(0-1) Vasko vs Cristovão Neto (0-1)
Vasko Bye Vasco Pimenta Bye
5ª Ronda
Vasko – Jose Raposo (0-1)
DanielTom – Francisco Pereira (0-1)
Vasco Pimenta – Pedro Pereira (0-1)