Cristóvão Neto em entrevista à AGA

Jornal da Associação Americana de Go


NETO NETS LISBON OPEN: Portugal’s Cristovoa Neto 1d kept the Lisboa Open title in national hands July 4-5 event in Lisbon, ahead of Spain’s Antonio Egea 3d (2nd) and Miguel Castellano 3k (3rd), while Pedro Carmona 4k from Portugal finished 4th, also with 4-1. Eighteen people played.

– Peter Dijkema


 5 MINUTES WITH: Cristovao Neto, Portugal

“Sometimes the concentration is so intense it can put you in a trancelike state,” Cristovao Neto 1d (l) is saying, “and when you can’t separate the game from the real world it can mean trouble.” In other words, Neto – Portugal’s representative at the WAGC — says, “the game can be oneiric,” or dreamlike. An artist who’s recently been doing set design for theaters, Neto says that go is “a perfect metaphor for language, for communication. It’s like the French philosopher who said ‘there’s nothing outside the text’; there’s nothing outside the board,” in that everything one needs to know is in the game.   “It’s no accident they call it ‘hand-talk,’” he added .


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